Solar Resources

Northern WI Solar Resources

By using Solar Resources you can Realize incredible energy savings with the installation of a Solar system.

Do you dream of living in a serene cabin in the woods or on a lake, but don’t know how to power all of the things you need for a comfortable life? Fed up with high energy bills that take a huge portion of your paycheck every month?

A photovoltaic system, off-grid and tie-in, offers many benefits. At Carlson Electric LLC, Hayward, we realize the many great possibilities but advise that you spend a little extra time and money to ensure you get only the best. The system you implement must be able to withstand the harsh northern Wisconsin weather and supply the amount of energy you use.

A Sound Investment

Although you may want to go solar, the initial cost may be scaring you off. We recommend that you start small. Purchase a beginning system and expand as your cash flow permits. Carlson Electric offer financing for solar. Carlson Electric designs systems to allow for expansion by choosing the right components now to avoid costly replacements later.

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